The beautiful teak of Gloster

The beautiful teak of Gloster

Outdoor furniture that offers the perfect combination of comfort and aesthetic appeal is something we’re proud to offer at our Barbed showrooms in London. We stock furniture from a wide range of international brands that each bring their own unique story and style, and in this article, we’re going to zone in on the highly popular Gloster brand.

Gloster are renowned worldwide for creating timeless pieces of furniture that help set the mood of exterior spaces, with only the best materials and techniques chosen - namely their very own signature teak wood.

From 1960 to the modern day

We have to head all the way over to West Africa, and all the way back to 1960 in order to source the roots of the Gloster brand. It was here that talented entrepreneurs and furniture makers with a creative vision and bags of talent first took steps on the Gloster journey. A decade-or-so later and demand was vastly increasing before access to plantation grown teak meant the brand took the decision to relocate the business in Indonesia.

The passion, conviction and pride that helped launch the business is no different today, as the same principals and dedication to their craft has helped ensure Gloster continue to design and build some of the world’s most desirable outdoor furniture.

Dansk dining table by Gloster

The fine teak of Gloster

Gloster are a brand that truly separate themselves from a busy marketplace thanks to the fine teak wood materials that they use. Each furniture piece originates from their carefully managed plantations and is closely inspected to ensure the high-quality standards that they set themselves endures.

Teak is a close-grained hardwood with a high natural oil content, which means it’s incredibly hardwearing and durable in all weather conditions, as well as highly resistant to rotting.

Human talent over mass production

If you’re purchasing an item of furniture from the Gloster range, then you can be sure it has been made with the finest craftsmanship. Mass production is a no-go, as each piece is the result of human hands. Every corner and joint is crafted and bound with the knowledge and expertise of an employee, rather than a machine.

Here at Barbed, our collection of beautiful Gloster garden furniture is a convenient blend of outdoor chairs, dining tables and low tables, proving a fantastic choice for any exterior space that’s designed to cater for entertainment or family get-together’s.

Dansk dining chair by Gloster

Harvesting what they have grown sustains the creative cycle

Gloster are a brand that also care greatly for the world and the people in it. They only harvest what they have planted and grown themselves, and this allows their cycle of unique environmentally-friendly creativeness to continue. They work with world-renown designers such as Mark Gabbertas and Henrik Pedersen, putting together the timeless outdoor furniture that we’ve come to expect and adore from the brand.

Once they have approved a concept, that’s when things really get exciting. Designers work closely with the development team and travel to the factory so that they can integrate with the people who work there and get a true feel for the raw materials and philosophy that Gloster proudly follow.

Bay side table by Gloster

If you’re keen to make the most of your outdoor space with some of Gloster’s timeless pieces, then be sure to pop into one of our London showrooms based in Barnes and Chiswick. We can’t wait to show you the fantastic range we offer from the Gloster brand. Alternatively, if there’s anything you’d like to ask us at a glance you’re very welcome to give us a call on 020 8878 1994 or complete our online contact form.

6th July 2018

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