Outdoor furniture buying mistakes to avoid

Outdoor furniture buying mistakes to avoid

We’re already nearing the end of June, so the year is in full flow! Some decent weather over the past few weeks has put a spring in our step and allowed us to enjoy our outdoor space a little more than we had probably expected.

With that said, now feels like the perfect time to highlight some of the common garden furniture buying mistakes that often leave people in a bit of a pickle.

If you’re looking to stock your garden with fresh furniture and accessories for the remaining summer months, then making yourself aware of these mistakes and ensuring you avoid them should serve you well!

It’s all about the size

This can be said for a number of furniture pieces, both inside and outside the home. We’ve all seen a beautiful sofa, or the perfect garden table and chairs set that we’ve instantly fallen in love with, but is it the right size for the space we have available? Buying garden furniture that is either too big or too small is probably the most common mistake that buyers make.

You need to make sure that whatever you purchase not only fits in the patio space or garden area that is available, but also has enough surrounding room to function correctly. If it doesn’t, then you’re likely to find yourself dragging the furniture about as you try to gain access to different areas, or worse yet cause damage such as knocking dining chairs against walls because it’s such a tight squeeze.

Plein Air table and chairs by Fermob in a garden

Take accurate measurements

Related directly to size, is measurements. Accurate measurements provide the perfect basis to buying garden furniture that fits just so, but you’d be surprised at how often people go along with “it’s roughly this size…” as they hold their arms out to give an estimate.

It’s also important to take into consideration the extra functioning room you need. Remember that chair bashing against the wall we mentioned? As a general rule of thumb, you want to allow at least 75cm each side of a table for a chair to be pulled out and used in comfort.

If you’re worried about utilising a small space in the best way possible, then do pop into one of our stores and speak to a member of staff. Here in London, we’re used to making the most out of small garden spaces, so we’d be more than happy to offer our expertise on this matter!

Tape measures

Comfort over style

Your garden furniture has to look the part, we totally get that, but it also has to offer the comfort you’re looking for. It has to be functional and comfortable first and foremost, otherwise you’re just not going to enjoy making use of it - regardless of how much you enjoy looking at it.

Fortunately, we offer a huge selection of outdoor furniture from a range of different international designers, so there is sure to be the perfect blend of comfort and style for you amongst it.

The material and quality of the product is of great importance, especially if it’s soft furnishing that will be spending its life outside. You want the furniture to maintain its comfort season after season. Some items really do look the part, but sometimes you can discover that they have zero ergonomics - the backrest can dig into your back, the seat cushions go flat and become discoloured, the table can become wobbly before you know it. These are all things we want to avoid!

Core dining armchair by Cane-line next to a table

Remember your environment

Don’t forget to consider where you live and what’s around your garden. The British weather is not always consistent, but we do know that we’re going to get four seasons. Some places may get a little more rain than others, coastal towns may get a little more wind, and northern cities may feel a colder bite. These things are important to consider because the weather can directly age our garden furniture.

For example, if you’re close to the sea, then the salt air could cause damage to some metals, so you need to be sure your furniture is protected with the correct protective coatings. If you’re shaded by trees, then tree sap and bird droppings could prove a menace. Easy to clean furniture that doesn’t stain is going to be your best bet in these cases, with less fabric to continuously keep clean.

Red Biarritz dining table by Fermob outside in a garden while raining

If you need any help and advice picking out the perfect furniture for your outdoor space, then do pop by and say hello. We have two London stores in Barnes and Chiswick, along with the expertise to match you up with the perfect outdoor solutions.

You’re also welcome to reach out to us on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

22nd June 2018

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