Garden furniture trends for 2018

Garden furniture trends for 2018

According to the astronomical clock, the 2018 British summer is set to officially kick-off next week. On June 21st, to be precise, on a day that’s known as summer solstice.

So, with that in mind, we felt this provides the perfect opportunity to take a step back and round up some of the garden furniture trends we’re seeing in 2018 to help you ensure your outdoor space is bang on trend!

Indoor style on the outside

This has been a popular trend for quite a few years, but it’s still going strong and continues to be one of the leading outdoor furniture trends.

With improving technology combining with creative minds, it’s allowing garden furniture to become ever-more stylish as well as also becoming more durable and better suited to the changing weather we experience here in the UK.

The furniture industry is experiencing fantastic innovations in fabric, which means outdoor furniture is now often fully upholstered, and our Gandia Blasco outdoor sofa range is a fantastic example of that. We’re also seeing outdoor carpets and rugs grow in popularity, as well a whole host of weatherproof soft furnishing that bring indoor comfort into our outdoor space. People want to use this space with maximum comfort these days, so this is a trend that the market certainly demands.

White Gandia Blasco Flat sofa outside on a patio with children playing

Practical Bistro sets

Our continental friends have year-round weather that means they can afford to have large furniture sets sprawled across spacious patios and lined up alongside swimming pools. Unfortunately, for many of us here in the UK, and especially in built up cities like London where garden space is at a premium, we just don’t have that sort of luxury available to us. Instead, our garden furniture choices become a little more multi-functional, and this is why Bistro sets have really grown in popularity.

They aren’t new to the market, and the style has been a part of the Barbed collection for a while now, with the Fermob Bistro table and chairs being a prime example. With many people looking to maximise their space in the best way possible it means this sort of practical furniture set is really coming into its own this year, and the designs are so clean and simple they easily blend with other garden furniture pieces.

Breakfast laid out on a veranda with a red Fermob table and two chairs

Sunloungers taking centre stage

Our days of sunshine are generally limited, so when it does shine proudly, we really need to make the most of it. This is something we’re all aware of, and the majority of us do go straight out into our gardens to soak it all up. For this reason, modern sunloungers are emerging as prime candidates to take centre stage on many British patios this summer.

They are no longer just associated with holidays abroad, as more and more people are purchasing them to kick back and relax as soon as the opportunity arises. When you’ve been working hard in your garden all year, why can’t you take some time to relax and thoroughly enjoy the fruits of your labour?

If you’ve got a free day ahead of you, there’s no reason why you can’t treat yourself to a little al fresco snooze. Just make sure you apply the sun cream!

Fermob Dune sunloungers next to a lake

Keen to get on board with these garden furniture trends? If so, browse through our collections online or pop in store to see us. We’re always keen to help, and we love to discuss all things garden-related! We have two London showrooms based in Barnes and Chiswick, each with an array of contemporary garden furniture on show.

15th June 2018

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