Focus on Fast

Focus on Fast

Here at Barbed, we’re proud to stock luxury outdoor furniture and accessories from a range of international furniture designers. Among those designers you’ll find Fast, a brand that adopts a forward-thinking approach when it comes to the design of their outdoor furnishing solutions, but when looking back at their history, you’ll find that they’re actually a company with roots that date back to the original smelting of non-ferrous metals. Impressive!

The history of Fast

Fast, as we now know it, was established in an Italian valley called Valle Sabbia back in 1995, where the Levrangi family had a desire to design and produce a brand-new generation of outdoor furniture pieces. The thirty years that preceded this saw the company build their extensive experience in the smelting of non-ferrous metals, so a future relationship with furniture was perhaps always aligned in their destiny.

Speaking of relationships, the brand has partnered with creative designers over the years to bring many challenging concepts to life. A partnership with designers Robby and Francesca Cantarutti in 2007 led to the success and exposure of Fast being catapulted to new heights following the launch of the company’s best selling “Forest” collection. Items such as the Forest dining chair and the Forest high stool can now be found in gardens and alongside outdoor bars across the world.

Forest dining chairs and tables by Fast on a patio               Forest high stools and high tables by Fast in a garden setting               Forest collection by Fast next to a swimming pool

2011 marked another success story for Fast, as a new market niche was conquered thanks to the introduction of original textile collections that marked the beginning of a dialogue between aluminium and high-tech fabrics.

These days, the outdoor furniture produced by Fast embraces a range of materials that blends aluminium with the likes of stone and wood. One of the latest projects involves a new “wood effect”, which is 100% recyclable and consists of natural fibres. This is a testament to the way the company works, always thinking of the future and always pushing boundaries.

The mission of Fast

Fast claim that their mission is to realise design solutions that meet the requirements of those who thoroughly enjoy open air living. Combining personality, utmost styling and functional comfort for an outdoor setting is always the ultimate goal with every design. Whether for contract or residential purposes, urban or wildly natural - the designs of Fast create settings that remain in harmony with nature and call for total relaxation.

Grande Arche bench by Fast in a garden setting               Forest high chairs and tables on a decked platform                Tonik table tops and chairs by Fast in an outdoor patio area

The technology of Fast

When it comes to the creation of outdoor furniture, Fast strives to achieve a harmonious balance between automated production systems, craftsmanship and advanced technology. Manufacturing techniques are conducted with utmost precision and efficiency, and the die-casting process is carefully planned to allow the mass production of complex articles with high quality. The furniture paint that Fast use is made up of polyester powders, and they are fixed with special treatments that provides greater protection and weather resistance for when the furniture is exposed to the natural elements.

Radice quadra table by Fast next to a swimming pool               Radice quadra table with teak by Fast next to a garden setting               Extension for grande arche extending table by Fast in an outdoor setting

Our Fast collections cover everything from dining tables and dining chairs, through to benches and accessories, so why not browse them online or pop into one of our London showrooms? You’ll find us in Barnes and Chiswick with a friendly smile, and plenty of knowledge and advice to get the most from your outdoor space.

1st June 2018

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