Make the most of your outdoor space with garden zoning

Make the most of your outdoor space with garden zoning

We can utilise our garden in many ways to suit our preferences, and for this reason, Barbed would urge people to consider treating their garden just like a room in the house. By this, we mean integrating a little garden zoning - we don’t mean exposing a TV to the elements or fitting a carpet over the lawn! Though, you could make great use of our fabulous Pappelina outdoor rugs for better effect!

We use our garden for a variety of activities, whether social occasions or to relax and unwind. Effective garden zoning can go a long way to ensure our outdoor space achieves its full potential.

It may sound like you’ll be setting your garden up for a game or succumbing to a term that’s just a fly-by fad, but it’s been a popular practice for a long time - just more so in relation to interiors as opposed to exteriors. We see no reason as to why you shouldn’t be taking this concept into the garden.

What is garden zoning?

To explain the term simply, garden zoning is separating your outdoor space into different areas (or zones). It’ll help your garden flow and appear well thought-out, better organised and generally much easier to use and enjoy.

A large garden isn’t necessary, as some large gardens may only have two or three zones, whereas a small city garden may have the potential to have many different zones. It all comes down to your preference and the different ways you personally use your garden.

If you’re intrigued or just a little confused, we’re going to suggest some zones for you to consider creating to help you begin putting garden zoning into action:

The entertaining zone

We all enjoy socialising in the garden, either hosting or attending barbecues with friends, or simply dining outside with the family. This makes an entertaining zone an obvious one to consider. An outdoor dining table and chairs that is the perfect fit for your garden and lifestyle will create a place for people to sit around and socialise. This could be a small and romantic set-up for two in a small garden, or a larger table to accommodate more people in a larger garden - or perhaps both if your outdoor space really is on the roomy side! Just remember to think about achieving the right balance of light and shade.

Montmartre outdoor dining table and chairs by Fermob

The reading zone

Sometimes we forget the importance of occasionally sitting back and relaxing as our hectic lives take control of our time. If you have a comfortable garden sofa, lounge chair or low armchair waiting for you, then you may be far more inclined to make sure you find the time to put your feet up and flick through your favourite glossy magazine or indulge in a new book. Adding plants and an outdoor side table to the zone will echo an interior living space, creating an al fresco living room or reading room of sorts. The setting we create to read in is very important if we want to feel completely relaxed, so consider dressing the area with extra cushions and blankets for maximum comfort.

Costa low armchair and low table by Fermob

The bar zone

Creating an area to mix cocktails and enjoy a beverage with friends or a loved one can be quite fun and exciting. Outdoor bar furniture such as high tables and high chairs can provide the right sort of vibe without taking up too much space, and even if you do have plenty of room there are larger high table designs to accommodate more guests. You could place this zone on a raised decking area or in a cosy section that’s tucked away near a corner. Be sure to make the right outdoor lighting choices to create the ideal ambience. You could even ban the children from this zone!

Mesa bar flat high table and Taburete flat stools by Gandia Blasco

The picnic zone

Perhaps you have a young family or enjoy romantically picnicking with a loved one. You could simply make use of outdoor cushions and blankets or add a garden bench for a traditional picnic feel. This can also be a zone for little ones to enjoy and the Luxembourg Kid Bench would be perfect for this sort of occasion. They could throw playful tea parties with friends or turn lunchtime on the weekend into garden picnics. There are plenty of ways to get fun and creative with a picnic zone!

Bellevie table and bench by Fermob

The bathing zone

If you enjoy working on your tan, then a bathing zone is a no-brainer. You’ll want to choose an area of the garden that attracts the most sunlight throughout the day where possible and set up an appropriate number of sun loungers. For those who are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in the garden, you could incorporate your bathing zone alongside it. You could even think about adding an outdoor shower, such as the stylish Pasaia shower from Fermob to freshen up between dips in the pool. Now that really is outdoor luxury!

Tumbona stack chaiselongue by Gandia Blasco

Garden zoning is all about being as functional or as fanciful as you like, and the only thing that’s stopping you is your imagination! So why not browse our outdoor garden furniture and accessories to get some magical inspirational? You could also pop into one of our London showrooms in Barnes and Chiswick where our team would love to help you with your garden ideas!

27th April 2018

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