Flex your creativity at London Craft Week

Flex your creativity at London Craft Week

Feeling creative? We knew it!

With the sun making an appearance over the last few days, we hope you’ve been pottering around the garden making the most of it, while considering what sort of outdoor furniture additions you can make for the forthcoming summer season. Those creative juices can continue flowing throughout May with the fourth edition of London Craft Week, which will be running for five days from May 9th - 13th, 2018.

Celebration of British and International craftsmanship

During London Craft Week, hundreds of spots around London will dedicate themselves to the celebration of both British and International craftsmanship. From the Houses of Parliament and shop floors of high-end luxury retailers, to smaller off-the-beaten-track outlets - plenty of venues are getting involved with the promise of taking you on a journey of discovery into some of London’s most creative and inspiring spaces.

As the only festival of its kind in the world, it’s one that must not be missed. Especially if you enjoy tapping into your innovative side or discovering more about how some clever things in life are put together. You can enjoy a jam-packed calendar of events that include educational craft workshops, behind-the-scenes demonstrations, inspiring talks, interviews, discussions and much more. All from some of the most captivating people working in the global crafts industry today.

You’ll get to test your own talents and vision for craftsmanship by blending your own fragrances, learning about Danish ceramics, printing your own books or listening to fascinating stories about iconic luxury products from the mouths of their makers. This is just a tiny sample of what London Craft Week will have to offer, so there really is something for every taste!

Appreciation of creativity and craft

Guy Salter, the chairman of London Craft Week, says the festival is a response to renaissance in the appreciation of creativity and craft. He says it provides an example of what the world’s creative capital does so well; mixing glamour with cutting edge, heritage with contemporary, and the commercial with the cultural.

You can keep an eye on programme updates, learn more about London Craft Week and find out what other interesting things there are to get involved with during the festival over on the dedicated London Craft Week website.

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20th April 2018

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