Step into Spring

Step into Spring

Spring is upon us, and already we're seeing sunny skies and longer days; so what better way to start the season, than by moving into your outdoor space.

Looking at the garden designed by Simon Miller Architects, we love how much light and space is created by using neutral colours on the outside walls and floor tiles. It also serves to bring out the traditional red brick above the garden and add character to the building. Most of all, we love the idea of extending your living space outside with some sliding doors. It’s great for having people round as it creates a fluid, airy space. But of course, no outdoor space would be complete without some state-of-the-art furniture from Barbed, so here’s what we would put in this space to make it ready for spring!

Slim Dining Table

New for 2016, the Slim Extending Table would be perfect for having guests in this sort of space. It comfortably seats 12 people when extended and can easily be retracted with its practical butterfly extension system when needed.

Not only practical, the Slim table has a sleek, modern design that complements the fluidity and openness of this outdoor space.

Slim Table

Oleron Armchair

If you don’t want your guests to stand around, consider Fermob’s new Oleron Armchairs. Also new this year, the Oleron Armchairs perfectly complement the Slim Dining Table with their thin and curved design.

Made with an Aluminium frame and Fermob’s Outdoor Technical Fabric (OTF), they are completely weatherproof so you don’t need to worry about bringing them in if it starts to rain! The OTF also adds extra comfort and mixed in with the arms to rest on, your guests might forget to leave.

Oleron Chair

Hyde Parasol

If the sun starts to get a bit much for you and your guests, why not catch it with the stylish Hyde Parasol from Cane-Line.

Created with functionality in mind, the parasol can move 360° and tilt to almost vertical, so there is no angle too hard to reach.

Hyde Parasol

Flix Live Moving Kitchen

Of course, a great part of having an outdoor space is eating and drinking in it with your friends, and what better way to do that than with Flix’s Moving Kitchen.

A stylish and practical system, the Moving Kitchen has three fold out ‘wings’ that are adaptable for both preparing and serving food.

The draws come with various different accessories including chopping boards with integrated pots for easy mixing and collecting of ingredients. What’s more, this system is completely weatherproof and can just be wheeled to one side when you’re finished.

Flix Moving Kitchen

So don’t waste any time and pop into either our Barnes or Chiswick showroom and get your outdoor space on track for the spring!

25th April 2016

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