5 useful tips to make sure your garden is fighting against winter

5 useful tips to make sure your garden is fighting against winter

Now that we’re in the depths of winter, it’s important to make sure we’ve done all that we can to keep our garden in the best state possible while it’s fighting against the cold temperatures, strong winds and heavy rainfall. The garden needs adequate preparation this time of the year because this winter period is quite testing. Damp leaves, frosty lawns and shorter days aren’t a garden’s best friend, so here at Barbed, we’ve put together these five top tips to help you make sure your outdoor space is in the best shape possible to contend with these colder, darker weeks. And don’t forget, with appropriate outdoor lighting and heating, your beautiful garden can still be enjoyed at this time of the year!

Offer your greenhouse some tlc

By the time winter has arrived, daylight is already an increasingly valuable resource due to the much shorter days, so removing any shade paint in your greenhouse will ensure that any sunlight that is available is maximised. Some warm water and a little elbow grease will leave the glass sparkling, and pay attention to the gutters where leaves are likely to get trapped, preventing rainwater from escaping the roof. Any broken or damaged glass can be replaced as well. Don’t forget to tackle the inside of the greenhouse as well, sweeping out any debris and disinfecting the paths, staging and inside of the glass. Then ventilate your greenhouse thoroughly over the next couple of days.

Maintain your garden lawn

Protect your garden lawn by ensuring you have removed any old grass clippings and moss with a rake. Using a moss killer beforehand may help, especially if your garden lawn has large amounts that have built up. Pathways and children’s play areas usually receive a lot of wear, and the soil can become compacted, but you can improve the drainage and aeration by using a garden fork to create deep holes every 10cm across the worn area. Following this, brush in a sandy top dressing and apply some lawn feed to help protect your lawn against these cold winter months.

Net your ponds

If you have a pond in the garden, any leftover decomposing leaves from last autumn can block filters on the pumps and quickly turn your pond water foul. You can save a great deal of effort by catching the leaves before they fall into your pond, and to do this all you need is a meshed net spread across the surface of the pond. A simple way to keep the pond clean and clear of debris throughout the winter!

Maintain your garden equipment

What many people neglect is the servicing of garden equipment. Too often, people will find that the lawnmower doesn’t work, so they simply spend the money replacing it, but investing in some regular annual maintenance, especially if you get a lot of use out of it during the warmer months, can help you get a great deal more from your garden gear. It is well worth sending garden machinery for a service to ensure it is in peak condition when you need it again next spring. Shears and secateurs will need sharpening, which you can do yourself or send them away to be professionally sharpened if you prefer. The tools that do the dirty work will need a good clean as well, like the spades, forks and other grubby tools that get shoved to the back of the shed. Dry everything thoroughly and then apply oil to the metal parts to prevent any rust forming. Wooden handles can also be washed and treated with some linseed oil.

Consider your garden storage

The garden is an area that can easily become cluttered, especially if you have children running around with different toys scattered all over the place, or if you have a habit of misplacing your garden tools a little too often. Outdoor waterproof storage is the answer to your problems, and it’s the perfect way to ensure everything has a suitable home. Outdoor shelving systems or water and weather resistant storage boxes are a stylish way to add practicality to any garden.

We hope that some of these tips will help make sure your garden is kept in fantastic condition once the cold winter passes. We’re passionate about luxury outdoor furniture, so be sure to browse our collections as we’re convinced there will be something that can add something extra to your outdoor space. If you’d like to get hold of us, you can call us on 020 8878 1994, or pop into one of our London-based showrooms in Barnes and Chiswick.

26th January 2018

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