4 reasons to consider using outdoor furniture indoors

4 reasons to consider using outdoor furniture indoors

In recent years, outdoor garden furniture has been swiftly growing in popularity. We’ve noticed customers of Barbed putting great emphasis on making the most of their gardens, and it’s becoming more and more common to reinvent an outdoor area by turning it into a versatile space capable of offering both relaxation and a place to host a social get-together with family and friends.

This stronger focus on our garden, along with increasing customer demand, has led to outdoor furniture becoming more than just a mere practicality. Garden tables and chairs are no longer just a bland piece of plastic that we throw a patterned cover over to make a little jazzier. There is now an array of designer garden furniture brands such as Fermob, Coro and Cane-Line coming up with innovative and creative designs that not only offer fantastic style and comfort, but can even become the central talking point of the garden.

Seeing as many of the modern-day contemporary designs are so well architecturally structured and pleasing on the eye, you may find yourself asking a question; “well, can we use outdoor furniture indoors?”

If you scout around a variety of sources, you’ll find that the answer is a resounding “yes!”

Therefore, we have come up with 4 great reasons as to why you should strongly consider using your stylish outdoor garden furniture indoors.

1.      Quality outdoor furniture is very well built

If there are two things in life that are likely to cause damage to your indoor furniture, it’s going to be children and pets. From play-fighting and a desire to cover their hands in peanut butter, to the dog bounding in after burying half its body in the soil, nothing is safe! Fortunately, outdoor furniture will generally wipe clean without any special upholstery equipment, and because it’s designed to withstand all weathers it’s structurally very sound. This means that following much wear and tear, the furniture will remain in fantastic condition. But, above all that, it can handle spilt juice like a true champion.

2.      The stylishly classic designs can be timeless

If you choose a classic design that’s right for you and your room, you’ll pull of a complimentary look that will last years. As an example, the Luxembourg range by Fermob is designed with distinctive lines and forms, yet still combines lightness, comfort and resistance thanks to its aluminium build. This sort of outdoor furniture would be just as at home in the kitchen. If the design you choose is simple and flows with the character of your house, then integrating it alongside your other indoor furniture should prove a breeze.

3.      Get more from your furniture investment

Here in the UK, the weather has always dictated our use of garden furniture. We’ll have it outside during the summertime, enjoying some al fresco dining from time-to-time, throwing a few bbq’s and perhaps the odd party or two. As the weather takes a turn for the worse, we either peer at it through rainy windows or store it away for the winter. Rather than use outdoor furniture for just a few months of the year, why not transition it into the interior of your home? This would allow you to make use of the furniture throughout the entire year, as well as naturally increasing the lifespan. Indoor conditions do tend to be a little better than those cold, wet winter months, after all!

4.      It’s easy to rearrange

We’ve all experienced the struggles of trying to move big, hefty furniture from one place to another. The beauty of outdoor furniture is that it tends to be lightweight and easily moved around. Want to move the sofa closer to the TV? Not a problem with an outdoor sofa. Fancy trying the lounge table in the opposite corner of the room for a few weeks? Go right ahead. No sweat, no bother. You can put it right back whenever you’re done. This ability to rearrange furniture with ease is also handy when it comes to household chores. How delightfully simple it is to vacuum underneath everything!

Now that you’re aware of the significant benefits to be had from utilising outdoor furniture indoors, why not browse through our furniture collections online and see if anything catches your eye? If you have any specific questions about any of our garden furniture or garden accessories, then get in touch with us or pop into one of our London showrooms based in Barnes and Chiswick.

12th January 2018

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