Fermob reveal Deep Blue and Pink Praline for 2018

Fermob reveal Deep Blue and Pink Praline for 2018

First and foremost, the entire team here at Barbed hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, and were able to welcome the New Year in style!

Things are already back up and running in our Barnes showroom at 3 Liffords Place, and tomorrow, Saturday January 6th, will also see our Chiswick showroom at 391 King Street back open for business, so it’d be great if you could pop along!

Now that we’re into 2018 we’re hoping for great things ahead, and we have already received some exciting news from one of our most popular designer brands!

Fermob, the French outdoor garden furniture manufacturer that we stock extensively at Barbed, have revealed two brand new colours for the 2018 season. The colour experts at Fermob create exclusively-designed shades and tones with a strong attention to detail, and the two new colours that have been introduced are called Deep Blue and Praline Pink.

A refreshed colour chart for 2018

Fermob describe their colour chart as a constant work in progress, and they aim to regularly refresh the shades and tones that are offered. They don’t strive to cover all bases, nor do they succumb to any fashion fads or trending colours. Instead, the brand hopes to offer a coherent and enduring colour chart that provides plenty of options for combining colours across the entire Fermob garden furniture and accessories range.

We love the innovative, practical and fun Fermob outdoor furniture that we stock, from the Fermob garden benches and outdoor dining tables, through to the Fermob planters and stylish outdoor lighting. The fact each product is available in a variety of different colours is just a fantastic bonus, and another reason why the Fermob brand is such a great choice for any garden or outdoor space.

Deep Blue, a new shade for 2018 by FermobPink Praline, a new shade for 2018 by Fermob

The new Deep Blue colour

Fermob have worked their magic while honing the Deep Blue shade, creating a majestically subtle tone that is perfect for chic surroundings that are modern and up-to-date. Deep Blue will also work well alongside other colours, such as the Cactus or Cedar Green shades, creating a tranquil, graceful look, both outdoors and indoors.

The new Praline Pink colour

Praline Pink offers a great opportunity to bring some sparkle and colourful pop to your garden, as well as a chance to use the warm shade to bring some Mediterranean vibes, or perhaps a tropical look with a dash of excitement. Fermob’s inspiration for Praline Pink harks back to a local tradition, as praline is the sweet pink candy that can be found in Lyonnaise’s famous praline tarts. 

Many of the Fermob products that we stock are available in up to 24 colours, so even if the new Deep Blue and Praline Pink shades aren’t quite what you had in mind, one of the other shades are sure to hit the nail on the head! We also stock a wide range of other designer garden furniture brands, so why not browse through our collections today? We’re confident we can help you make the most of your outdoor space, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team!

5th January 2018

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