Lagom overtakes hygge as new Scandi trend

Lagom overtakes hygge as new Scandi trend

We like to make sure we keep abreast of lifestyle trends at Barbed, because they are always evolving and always find their way into our homes and gardens. We’re often influenced by these trends, and sometimes they quietly work in unison with our own creative and unique ideas, but other times we may find ourselves going all in on them. From fad diets and fashion, to the garden furniture and accessories we consider, lifestyle trends can have a big say, and ever since Vogue proclaimed lagom “the new hygge” at the turn of the year, the term has been popping up all over the shop, from lifestyle blogs to new season exterior collections.

What exactly is lagom?

Lagom is a Swedish concept, which simply translates into “moderate”. The general gist of lagom is to have things sufficient and just so. Not too much, and not too little - just right. Throughout 2016, the Scandi trend that spread across the globe was hygge, which revolved around seizing the moment. For example, getting cosy and socialising with friends and family, taking the time to enjoy a moment of contentment. It was all about cashmere and appreciative moments. Lagom is now taking over with the idea of living a frugal life with just enough possessions; a functional life with everything working in harmony.

Is lagom a trend?

Those who have gone all in with lagom will insist that it isn’t a trend, but is in fact so much more than that. Swedes often dub it “the secret of Swedish contentment”, and unlike hygge, lagom is a philosophy and total approach to living life. What we do know is that it’s popularity has soared, with lagom-related searches online almost doubling throughout the year.

How does lagom translate to the home and garden?

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As well as being applicable to a work-life balance and being economical, lagom also defines a sustainable way of life, and this translates aptly into our home and garden. To incorporate sustainability into our homes means to upcycle, recycle, use sustainable materials whenever possible and enjoy the comforts of our home and garden with just the things we need.

Firepits are a fine example of what conveys the central idea of the lagom ethic, offering style, practical cooking and warmth with one of the most environmentally friendly fuels; wood. It’s a sustainable, renewable energy source and very cost efficient, so this is a perfect way to begin adding some of the lagom concept into your life.

It can also be linked to decluttering and creating a more organised space. In terms of the garden, incorporating outdoor shelving systems and storage boxes can help you ensure things have their own place. Ultimately, what it means to be lagom may differ slightly from one person to the next, given that the underlying message is to remain balanced. We all need different things in our life to balance us. To be lagom, just apply some simple questions to your lifestyle choices and the things you introduce into it; is it too much, is it too little, or is it perfectly lagom?

The garden provides the perfect opportunity to create an outdoor space that we can enjoy escaping to, gathering our thoughts and balancing out our busy lives. For this reason, stylish, comfortable garden furniture can go a long way to helping us achieve that, so why not browse our collections online from a range of quality garden furniture brands? Alternatively, you can pop into one of our London showrooms in Barnes or Chiswick where we’ll be more than happy to help you make the most of your garden.

8th December 2017

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