Travel fanatic? Let Barbed influence your next trip

Travel fanatic? Let Barbed influence your next trip

Yes, we’re fully aware that it’s winter, the logs are burning, and sparkly Christmas decorations are hanging from wall-to-wall. But, now is a great time to look ahead to 2018 and decide which experiences might take our fancy. We may be contemporary garden furniture and accessories specialists, but here at Barbed, for this blog post at least, we’re going to temporarily try our hand at highlighting exotic travel destinations!

We believe relaxation and adventure must be enjoyed in equal measure, and seeing as our garden is our own personal outdoor space taking care of the relaxation, we think we should let the rest of the world take care of the adventure.

So, with that in mind, let’s spend a few moments escaping the dreary winter weather taking place beyond the window, and appreciate some of the glorious and unique countries we could consider visiting next year.

We look at 6 destinations across 6 different continents - we’ve decidedly left out Antarctica, because we’re trying to temporarily avoid the cold, after all!


Asia - South Korea

South Korea

The beauty of South Korea is largely down to the way in which it combines an ancient and storied culture with super-modern amenities. You’ll find bustling urban centres, neon-saturated cityscapes, incredible pastoral gardens and impressive palaces all within shared areas. Street festivals line the cities, and music is a big part of Korean life - most notably Korean pop music, better known as K-Pop. Not to mention, Korean cuisine is growing in reputation, and gaining deserved recognition around the world. With all of this on offer, there are dozens of reasons you can justify a trip to South Korea.


Europe - Latvia


You may not immediately put Latvia and white sandy beaches together, but you should probably start doing so! The Latvian coastline is full of incredible surprises where it meets the Baltic Sea, and all with a peppering of Scandinavian influence. Half of Latvia is made up of stunning and easily accessible natural ecosystems, and away from the beaches and natural wonders you’ll find man-made beauty in the form of medieval old towns, churches and imposing castles scattered across the country. Latvia is just like something out of a fairy tale.


South America - Ecuador


In terms of raw, rugged adventure, if you’re looking for a country that has a little of everything, then Ecuador will tick every box. Mountains? Check. Beaches? Check. Rainforest? Check. Volcanos, hot springs and stunning wildlife? Check, check, check. Once part of the Inca Empire, Ecuador is steeped in pre-Colombian and Spanish colonial culture, and the landscapes are some of the most dramatic you’ll find in the world. Several hotspots have been named UNESCO world heritage sites, so need we say more?


Central America - Guatemala


The star of the show in Guatemala is the Mayan ruins, but the country still has so much more to offer. Dreamy sunsets for example! It’s not one for the faint of heart, but a trek deep into the jungle leads to Tikal National Park, where the rewards are phenomenal. There is a playground of plazas, temples and dwellings to explore that date back well over 1,000 years. Active volcanoes, cascading lagoons and the crystal-clear Lake Petén Itzá are other must-see sights when visiting Guatemala. Though do keep an eye out for jaguars, howler monkeys and the wide variety of bats that populate the country!


Oceania - Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

The best and safest way to discover the paradise of Papua New Guinea is by booking an organised tour. The country is stunningly diverse and is a proud home to so much untouched beauty, making it a true once in a lifetime experience. Trekking tours can take you along mountainous peaks as you make your way along the Kokoda track, or to their famous sing-sing festival, where natives display many unique tribal cultures through rhythmic music and energetic dance. The country also boasts some 836 indigenous languages, so there are plenty of ways you can learn to say hello!


Africa - The Seychelles

The Seychelles

The destination of so many honeymoons - one glance, and it’s so easy to see why. The Seychelles are made up of around 115 tranquil islands in the Indian Ocean, and it’s a tropical oasis that you can’t believe is real until you witness it. Often cited as one of the most beautiful parts of the world, a trip to the Seychelles is arguably one of the top choices when it comes to ultimate relaxation. However, it’s not all about soaking up the sun, as many of the islands are lined with coastal towns and forested interiors worthy of a gentle hike.
Oh, and the water activities! The snorkelling simply cannot be missed.


We hope that we helped you escape, if only for a little while! But now that you’re back with us, it’s time to crack on with Christmas! So, why not pop along to our Barnes showroom where we have a range of Christmas gifts and decorations? You can still view our range of designer garden furniture from luxury brands such as Fermob and Cane-Line in our Chiswick showroom, or by browsing our brand collections online.

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1st December 2017

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