Small garden? Here’s how to get more out of it!

Small garden? Here’s how to get more out of it!

Here in London, space is at a premium, and many people don’t have the luxury of a large private garden. In fact, many people who live in London don’t have access to a private garden at all! But, if you’re one of the lucky ones that do, you may find yourself searching for ways to make the best out of a small situation. With careful planning and the right collection of outdoor garden furniture, it is possible! So, we’re going to explore some of the things you could consider.

Declutter your outdoor space

Consider your small garden an outdoor room, and treat it just as you would an indoor room, by keeping it tidy! If something is movable, such as pots, planters and toys, then try to remove it. You may not want to remove it forever, but it’s helpful to get it out of the space so that you can assess exactly what you have to work with.

Pulcino Illuminato by SerralungaMake use of additional lighting accessories

With additional lighting you can really bring your garden to life, both during the day time and at night. There are plenty of outdoor lighting options available these days, from wonderful candles that help create a relaxing atmosphere, to designer lighting solutions that are quirky and unique, and we love Serralunga’s Pulcino

Paint with pale colours

Paint any garden walls or fences with a pale colour. In these small spaces, especially in built-up cities like London, light can struggle to get through at any time of year, especially the winter months. Where bricks and dark wood absorb the light and darken areas, light painted colours will bounce the sunlight back and will brighten up the space.

Be selective with plants

We want our garden to be a sanctuary. A place for us to unwind and relax. Filling our gardens with plants and greenery is important, but when it comes to a small garden, it’s best to go minimal on the number of plants, while ensuring they still offer the maximum impact. To do this, you should consider large leafed plants that thrive in semi-shaded areas, like the Fatsia, Mahonia or Dicksonia plants. Be sure to keep them under control so that the space isn’t encroached upon as they grow.

Plein Air Table and Plein Air Chairs by Fermob

Be selective with outdoor garden furniture

Outdoor furniture will add style and comfort to your garden, but in a small area it’s important that you’re selective. Stay away from big, bulky items that take up most of the space. Instead, choose smaller items like Fermob’s Flower Table and Flower Chairs, or the Plein Air Table and Plein Air Chairs which conveniently fold away, allowing you to make your small garden a more versatile area. You could also consider something like the Bistro High Table and Bistro High Stools, as a bar table and stool design may prove extremely practical.

Add some faux extras

To finish things off, consider adding some mirrors or faux doors. Mirrors can be particularly useful in small areas, and are often utilised in small indoor rooms - so why not use the same trick outside? They will bounce back light and create an illusion of additional space. But, don’t make them too big or too clean as birds may easily mistake them for an open space and fly directly into them!

If you’d like some help making the most of your garden, be it large or small, with stylish designer outdoor furniture and accessories, then make sure you browse through our collections. You can also call in and see us at one of our showrooms. Our Barnes showroom is currently full of Christmas decorations and gifts, and you’re always welcome to call in and see us there, or if it’s strictly garden furniture you’re after then call into our Chiswick showroom!

24th November 2017

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