Luxury Toy Cars by British Designers, plus Christmas gifts and decorations!

Luxury Toy Cars by British Designers, plus Christmas gifts and decorations!

The team at Barbed are extremely excited about the festive season ahead. It’s certainly turning chilly outside, and we’re beginning to pair our woolly hats and mitten gloves together to keep the cold bite at bay as we make our way to the showrooms every morning! But it’s not so bad for those of us at the Liffords Place showroom in Barnes, because with the countdown to Christmas not too far away, we’ve decked the place out by replacing our range of designer garden furniture with a plethora of Christmas goodies and colourful decorations!

You can still head over to our Chiswick showroom to browse through our contemporary outdoor furniture collections, and we promise we’ll still be getting into the Christmas spirit over there as well!

We’re stocking luxury toy cars, designed in Britain!

It’s always great fun picking and choosing what Christmas presents you’re going to buy for family and friends, but we’re usually stumped for ideas with at least one person every year! We often find that dad is the tough one to buy for, but the good news is we have teamed up with British toy designers Playforever this year, and we’re currently stocking a selection of their beautifully crafted luxury toy cars. The perfect Christmas present for dad, or anyone in the family who has a penchant for motors!

Playforever are creators and connoisseurs of luxury art toys, and all of their toy cars that we have available are made with fantastic craftsmanship, designed in England, and built to last a lifetime! Playforever began their journey with Bruno, a toy racing car that was born from a lifelong fascination with 1930s tin cars and classic cigar racers, and the selection of choice has continued to grow. The company are even collaborating with Hugo Boss this Christmas season, so we know we’re in good company with their virtually indestructible toy cars onboard!

The designs we have available at Barbed:

Colours Available: Green with yellow (GB)

A British Roadster designed by a British company!
The Bonnie design really is a typically British Lotus inspired 1930’s racing car.

Bonnie GB toy car by Playforever

Bruno Racing Car

Colours Available: Red

The Bruno is the original!
The first vehicle created in the collection. The Bruno design is classic and stunning, and made from the very best materials available.

Red Bruno toy car by Playforever


Colours Available: Black with cream (Midnight)

The Clyde design embraces the 1950s rockabilly chic era, and it’s a modern twist on the classic hot rod American cars.

Clyde Midnight toy car by Playforever


Colours Available: Blue with yellow (Lucas)

The Malibu design draws inspiration from the early Maserati Formula 1 cars of the 1920s and 1930s, but with a modern Playforever twist, of course!

Malibu Lucas toy car by Playforever


Colours Available: Blue with orange (Jasper), Silver with yellow (Marco), Chrome with black (Miles)

The Viglietta racing car personifies freedom and liberty, and with sleek Italian styling it’s more than just a toy car - it’s an object of beauty!

Viglietta toy car by Playforever

Speedy Le Mans

Colours Available: Blue

The shape of the Speedy Le Mans conveys movement and fluidity, and it’s a design that is reminiscent of the classic Lemans car. It really is a true classic design.

Speedy Le Mans Blue toy car by Playforever

Enzo Motorbike

Colours Available: Blue with black (Sinatra)

It’s not just luxury toy cars, because we have a luxury toy motorbike as well! The Enzo is a modern take on motorbikes and sidecars of yesteryear, and has been beautifully designed as an embodiment of freedom for father and son.

Enzo Sinatra toy motorbike by Playforever

Lots more to see, with Christmas gifts and decorations galore

Be sure to pop down to our Barnes showroom to take a look at the variety of Christmas gifts we have stocked, as we’re sure to have plenty of items that will make fantastic Christmas presents. We also have a selection of beautiful Christmas decorations available, so there’s no excuse to not have your house looking jolly this December!

As always, our collections of contemporary outdoor furniture and garden accessories can also be browsed on the website, so after you’ve narrowed down which toy car most takes your fancy, click your way through our designer furniture ranges, and if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

10th November 2017

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