Late-flowering bulbs that are perfect for your garden

Late-flowering bulbs that are perfect for your garden

The days may be getting shorter, but there’s no denying that bold, rich colours can still be brought to the garden in not only your range of luxury garden furniture, but also through the wide array of late-flowering bulbs, perennials, grasses and foliage blooming throughout October.
Fruits and berries are also in supply on many shrubs, proving an important source of food for the wildlife at this time of the year.

Here, we look at a very small selection that you can consider displaying in your garden, before autumnal season fades into winter.

Autumn crocus

Autumn flowering crocuses are low-growing, upright cormous perennials, and they will provide a fantastic boost for any dull, colourless autumn garden. Their colours range from clean, pure white, through soft lilac to a gorgeous deep purple. For the avid cook, growing your very own saffron that gathers from the stamen of the crocus sativus can provide an incredibly satisfying autumn harvest. Though do be careful when handling the colchicum, as contact with the skin can cause bad irritation. The bulbs themselves are very toxic and should not be eaten.


Chrysanthemums may typically be considered an old-fashioned garden flower, but at Barbed, we believe this versatile group of plants are often overlooked, with many of us failing to realise their full potential. The Chrysanthemum plant is available in a wide variety of different colours, a lot like the huge range of colours available in the Fermob garden furniture collection! By November, gardens are usually beginning to look a little jaded and distinctly short of colour, and as Chrysanthemums are very late-flowering, they make the perfect choice for your exterior space at this time of the year. The groups of Chrysanthemum that are worth noting for being hardy in British gardens, and for flowering in the autumn, include the Korean, the Japanese semi-pompons and the rubellum.

Sedum (autumn joy)

The Sedum plant is incredibly dependable and adaptable. Its flowers bloom from August right through to November, making it the perfect plant for the autumnal season. They blossom into a beautiful bright pink, before maturing into a copper, something we feel is truly befitting of autumn! They grow to around two feet tall and look fantastic alongside ornamental grasses. Another wonderful reason to consider Sedum plants in your garden is the fact that they tend to easily attract any butterflies that may still be lingering around.

Basket High Planter by Fermob


Some asters begin flowering throughout August, but many don’t make their grand showing until September or October, making them another fantastic choice for the autumn months. Their daisy flowers add bold colour and chic to the garden, and are often found in appealing shades of blue, purple and mauve, as well as red and white. Asters also combine wonderfully well with other late-flowering plants, so you may consider grouping them together for display in one of our beautiful designer planters.


There is a reason why rudbeckias have become one of the most popular garden plants in recent years. It’s largely because these bush plants produce plenty of colourful flowers, with a long flowering period from July right through to October, meaning the rudbeckia is a flower that can be enjoyed throughout the summer and into much of autumn. Yellow is generally the prominent colour of the rudbeckia, although in recent years numerous red and orange flowered varieties have emerged, providing more wonderful colours that are well represented in autumn.

Our weatherproof luxury garden furniture and accessory collections allow you to enjoy your beautiful garden in any season. So, if you’re looking for the perfect match for your outdoor space, do get in touch with us today as we love nothing more than to help our customers source the perfect garden furniture for them. We have a wide range of designer tables and benches, as well garden lighting, and outdoor heating and cooking options, which are perfect as the evenings draw in earlier.

13th October 2017

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