5 top tips for caring for your garden this autumn

5 top tips for caring for your garden this autumn

Autumn has arrived, and the evenings have been gradually drawing in for a little while now, along with a predictable decrease in the average temperature. So, what can the wonderful customers of Barbed look forward to throughout the rest of autumn?

Preparing for the fast approaching winter, of course!

Time for a spot of transplanting

The months of September and October (and we can stretch it to November, if weather permits) should prove to be the perfect opportunity to undertake some transplanting work, because the regular rain showers we have come to expect should be providing the soil with sufficient moisture, while the ground is still warm from the summer. This means that plants still have time to adapt to their new position and form new roots.

It also means that new plants can be planted during autumn without a worry, so this is something that you can certainly take advantage of, espescially as this is the final opportunity you will have to bring extra colour into the garden before the winter sets in.

Plant your spring-flowering bulbs

Spring flowersWhen planting springtime flowering bulbs, it’s important to prepare well in advance as you’ll want your flowers to germinate from the soil at the correct time in spring, so that they fill your garden with a delightful pop of fresh colour. Planting the bulbs during these autumn months will ensure this happens, but it is crucial that they are planted in the correct position. Most bulbs enjoy the fresh, moist soil during the spring, but during their dormant period in the summertime, the soil can become very dry. To ensure your flower bulbs find a happy home, plant them in the ground at a depth of two to three times their height.

Cut back the shrubs

Once you notice the shrubs begin to turn yellow, and their stems bend down towards the ground or that they start to go to seed, you’ll know it’s time to cut them down. If you don’t cut them down, they may start to decay, and that isn’t a sight that too many of us would be proud about!

Don’t forget the hedges!

You should be pruning your garden hedges for one last time this autumn, as it will prevent any decaying if damp should accumulate. Do be careful as you trim them back though, as any holes you accidentally create in the hedge will not grow back during the winter, which would result in them looking bare. Another sight you’re likely to want to avoid!

Offer the lawns some TLC

The wet, cold temperatures and weak sunshine experienced during the winter has a negative impact on lawns, therefore, they are best served with a little care and affection before the chilly snap sets in. As the rustic autumn leaves begin to fall, they should be regularly cleared away so that the lawn isn’t deprived of what little light is on offer. Mow the lawn for the final time of the year during the first week of November, but keep the grass above 5cm as longer grass will make better use of the sunlight, and ensure that your garden has an improved resistance against weeds and moss

An autumn fertiliser is also highly recommended, as they tend to have a low nitrogen content and high level of potassium. The increased level of potassium will strengthen the grass and increase its resistance to the bitter cold morning frost. Traditional lawn fertilisers contain higher amounts of nitrogen, which increases the growth rate of the lawn making it more susceptible to frost, so these should be avoided during this time of the year.

The outdoor garden furniture and accessories that we stock here at Barbed are built to resist adverse weather conditions, so your outdoor furniture can be one less thing for you to worry about during the colder, wetter months. We have two showrooms in London, one in Barnes and another in Chiswick, so please do pop along to browse through our collections. Alternatively, you can view our entire range online.

22nd September 2017

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