Designer spotlight: Stefano Gallizioli

Designer spotlight: Stefano Gallizioli

We love highlighting our favourite garden furniture brands that we stock at Barbed – just see our recent blog about Serralunga for proof of that – but, we also love giving spotlight to specific designers that have designed some of our favourite garden furniture.

Today we’ll be giving the spotlight to Stefano Gallizioli, a designer for Coro, who designed the SG1 range, which you can see more of in our Chiswick show room.

Stefano Gallizioli – a profile

Stefano Gallizioli was born in Bergamo, Italy in 1964. He attended the Polytechnic of Design in Milan, and graduated in industrial design in 1986. After graduating, he went to work for the architecture firm Antonia Citterio from 1987-1997. He then went on to open his own Milan studio in 1997, and during this period he collaborated with several top name companies including Fendi and Bentley. These collaborations helped cement Stefano as one of Italy’s most forward-thinking contemporary designers.

Stefano Gallizoli was actively involved in the birth of Coro, which makes him the ideal subject for this designer spotlight. In 2001, Gallizoli designed several products for the new brand, and oversaw the creation and continuation of the brand’s image.

Since 2008, Gallizoli has worked with Francesca Simen on several projects focused on interior design for both residential and commercial purposes. The pair opened their Dublin headquarters the same year that they began their collaboration.

Currently, Stefano Gallizioli is helping with a restricting project taking place in Milan.

Outdoor garden furniture to love

If you are looking for a relaxing and fashionable lounging experience, look no further than the SG1 range, designed by the one and only Stefano Gallizioli. The SG1 range includes a Stool, Sun Lounger and Low Armchair, meaning whatever your seating arrangement is, whether it be poolside, at an outdoor bar, or a patio table, there’s a suitable seating solution for you.

The Coro SG1 stool is an ideal addition to perfect your outdoor bar. These minimalist stools come in two sizes, and are available in 5 colours, making them perfect for any aesthetic. These stools are made from PVC and woven with acrylic cord, giving them a durable texture that will keep them in good condition come rain or shine.

If lying in the sun is your preference, the SG1 sun lounger will be better suited for you garden. Made from the same material as the SG1 stool, and available in the same colours, you can upgrade your poolside experience with this beautiful sun lounger!

Looking to host, and have meals outdoors? Then the SG1 Low Armchair is perfect for you! These armchairs make a perfect addition to any exterior space, and are weatherproof, meaning you can use them all year long if you so wish. Between the sturdiness, practicality, and beautiful design, it’s no surprise that the Coro SG1 range is one of our absolute favourites, and we have Stefano Gallizioli to thank!

You can view our SG1 range by Coro for yourself at our showroom in Chiswick, and you can see even more products on our online store, and at our Barnes showroom. For more information about any of our products, get in touch.

28th July 2017

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