Serralunga - where art and function meet

Serralunga - where art and function meet

With so many fantastic outdoor garden furniture pieces available online, and at our showrooms in Chiswick and Barnes, it can be difficult to find that perfect piece of garden furniture to complement your exterior space. That’s why we frequently like to highlight products we love on social media, or by writing about them here on our blog.

This week, we’ll be highlighting the beautiful glow of garden sculptures by Italian designers Serralunga.

Serralunga – an introduction

Serralunga is a patio furniture design company founded in Biella, Italy in 1825. That means they have almost 200 years of furniture design experience, and it really shows in the gorgeous sculptures that they produce!

For almost the entirety of the company’s history, production has taken place in the same spot, a 12,000m2 factory which employs 65 staff members. Each year, the Serralunga factory creates roughly 200,000 luxury items.

Serralunga is a brand renowned for innovation and pushing the envelope as to what can be achieved in garden furniture aesthetics. We are over the moon to stock their products, and be able to introduce the beauty of their functional garden sculptures to a wider audience!

Doggy low stool

One of our most consistently popular products is the Doggy sculpture. This colourful character acts as a garden bench, and is extremely popular among people of all ages – we love seeing the eyes of children light up when they come into our showroom with their parents and spot the Doggy!

This friendly feller comes in a range of colours and patterns, including Corten, Rosso, and the ever popular Dalmation pattern. The Doggy is able to add a burst of colour and fit seamlessly into any exterior space, and benefits from being made from 100% recyclable material!

A little bird lit up the way

Perhaps dogs aren’t your cup of tea? It is very possible that you’re more avian-inclined, if so, we have the Paloma and Pulcino sculptures.

Paloma is the Spanish for dove, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Paloma, which can be used as a garden seat that is sure to act as a conversation piece. The Pulcino is the smaller sibling of the Paloma and is an outdoor seat suited for children, although it could also work as a decoration for your garden just as well.

If you plan on spending your evenings in your garden, the Paloma and Pulcino are available as illuminated garden sculptures. These versions are fitted with either a white bulb, or a multi-coloured LED bulb, to add a beautiful glow to an already spectacular sculpture.

As with the Doggy, both the Paloma and Pulcino are made from 100% recyclable material. They were all also designed by world-renowned designer Eero Aarnio, so quality can be assured!

We’re sure we’ve convinced you of the beauty of Serralunga’s products, and if you’re looking for more gorgeous contemporary outdoor garden furniture, why not come for an adventure in our Chiswick and Barnes showrooms? Alternatively, you can browse a selection of our garden products and accessories on our online store. For information about any of the products we stock, get in touch.

14th July 2017

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