We're all abuzz about The Great British Bee Count

We're all abuzz about The Great British Bee Count

Between May 19th and June 30th, this year’s Great British Bee Count will be taking place across the country. The charity endeavour, which is run by Friends of the Earth, encourages the general public to use a free app to record and identify any bees that they see over the 6 weeks.

Friends of the Earth is a charity that campaigns to discover solutions to problems affecting the environment. They have been fighting the good fight for over 40 years, and have campaigned on issues including highlighting the reality of climate change, arguing for laws to protect the countryside, and for better food and cleaner water.

What is The Great British Bee Count?

The public can download an app for their mobile device, tablet or laptop through the iOS and Google store. This app features an identification guide, as well as a way to record bee numbers, species and location in which the insect was encountered. The bee count is one of the biggest public pushes to understand the condition of bees in Britain.

This endeavour is important because it helps experts in the field understand how different bee species react to different environmental changes, including climate change and the loss of habitats. The monitoring of bees is a vital activity, as it provides researchers and scientists to with data they can interpret that could lead to the reversal of bee decline.

The Great British Bee Count is a fantastic activity for people of all ages, and it’s a good opportunity to get out and enjoy your garden or other exterior spaces. Last year, 15,000 people took part in The Great British Bee Count, leading to the recording of 383,759 bees! Out of all of last year’s participants, 97% said that taking part had led to them becoming inspired to help protect the bee population.

Bee Hotel

How to help the bees

If you’ve taken part in The Great British Bee Count and want to foster a better environment for the insects, or if you plan on taking part and want to draw more bees to your outdoor space, we have plenty of products for sale that can help.

We stock a range of bricks for bees by Green&Blue. These bricks come in a range of different sizes, and can be stacked in order to make a custom bee hotel that will fit into your garden’s aesthetics. We also stock a variety of beautiful planters and flower pots, which will allow you to add a wide selection of flowers to your garden which will naturally attract bees.

If you do take part in The Great British Bee Count, we’d love to hear your stories; you can share stories and pictures with us on Facebook and Twitter. To find more products that will make your garden friendly to bees, insects and other animals, pop into our showrooms in Barnes and Chiswick, and we’ll help you transform your garden into a wildlife wonderland.

23rd June 2017

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