Growing your own herb garden

Growing your own herb garden

A herb garden is something that everyone can find space to grow, whether residing on a top floor flat with modestly proportioned balcony, or in a generously sized mansion with an entire garden devoted to herbs alone. Herbs are easily grown in pots and containers, and can spend the duration of their lives in this growing environment or grown on into more spacious outdoor herb ‘patches’ where they attract all sorts of wildlife. Herbs produce wonderful aromas and are infinitely useful in the kitchen adding colour and flavour to all your favourite recipes.

At Barbed we have all you need to start your own herb garden, and have put together a few growing tips and product suggestions for you.

Firstly, what to grow? Let’s start with what many of us consider to be the ‘essentials’.

Basil is an extremely attractive plant with large leaves that give off a gorgeous aroma, and is a favourite in pasta sauces, salads and Mediterranean dishes. To truly enjoy the full flavour of the basil plant, try it between layers of sliced vine tomatoes with circles of mozzarella cheese and and a sticky balsamic dressing. Basil thrives in a warm environment and likes light, well drained soil.

Parsley comes in two varieties used in the kitchen; flat leaved or curly-leaved, both excellent for container growing, it is used widely as a garnish, in soups, stews, stuffing and other flavoursome dishes. It partners well with potato.

Coriander is an essential herb for the curry enthusiast, but its sweet spicy taste is also a very useful ingredient in casseroles. It has a pungent distinctive aroma, and is a hardy annual that dislikes being transplanted.

Rosemary is another tasty addition to casseroles, and this is a hardy shrub capable of growing quite large. Popular in lamb dishes and highly aromatic, its essence is also extracted to make a popular essential oil.

Sage is another popular meat accompaniment herb, and widely used in stuffing and sauces. Sage does not like its soil to be constantly moist, so adequate drainage is important.

There are many other herbs that can be grown easily from seed such as chives, fennel, oregano, thyme and so on. Our Mini Garden is perfect for starting your herb garden, with nine planters presented in strips of three. The garden can be used in rows of three or stacked each row above the other creating a space saving wall of vertical planting space.

Every serious gardener needs hand protection! Foxgloves offer just that, and, designed by a professional horticulturalist, they are strong, durable, yet offer complete flexibility and comfort. Foxgloves are machine washable and quick-drying, and available in four attractive colours.

A kneeling mat is always useful when potting seeds or re-planting, and our Seat pads and cushions would also make great kneeling pads.

Larger herb plants look great in our Balcony Clip Flowerpot which is perfect for smaller terraces and balconies. Made from frost resistant resin, it fits all balcony rails to a maximum of 60mm.

Finally, you’ll be wanting to sample your freshly grown herbs, and what better way to do so than by using our Hot Pot Barbecue; and all-in-one barbeque and herb-garden. Looks like a terracotta pot housing your ..

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3rd May 2012
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