Grow your own sunflowers

Grow your own sunflowers

Sunflowers are a firm favourite for summer. Who could fail to be totally enrapt by their sunny yellow faces? Best of all, they will grow pretty much anywhere they have plenty of sun- borders or pots, gardens or balconies.

Sunflowers are grown from seed and come in many different varieties ranging from the traditional dramatic giant yellow (best supported with cane to keep from toppling over) to fiery reds (such as Claret Hybrid or Velvet Queen) and dwarf varieties that are brilliant for growing in containers and for children to manage. They require a minimum of 6-8 hours of full sun every day, and all day sun is best.

We have some simple tips for you to start growing your own sunflowers:

Prepare the soil by breaking it up and loosen the soil to 2” deep.
Make a shallow trench with the trowel, 1 ½-2” deep.
Fill the trench with water and allow it to drain before planting seeds 3-6” apart.
Cover with soil and tamp down lightly to ensure good contact between seeds and soil.
Water once more, and if preferred, date and state variety with a marker.
Sunflowers take approximately 5-14 days to first sprout.

At Barbed we have products that may be of interest to you for your gardening needs.

Foxgloves are a brilliant invention for the gardener, and those dwarf sunflowers would look fantastic along the top row of our Mini-Garden planter. Those seeds will need a bit of every day tlc, and for this we love the Ohlala Watering Can.

Posted by Iconography Ltd
25th July 2012
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