Garden design tips: how to tame your garden

Garden design tips: how to tame your garden

A weed-free garden is well worth aiming for if you want to fully enjoy your garden. A complete absence of weeds will always be an aspiration rather than an absolute reality, but a thorough clear out will make it a lot easier to maintain and enjoy.

Identify which plants you want

It’s not just weeds that get out of control, of course. An ill-tended garden can easily become a chaos of different clashing plants spreading all over the place or choking each other out. You might have gathered perennials that are by now a rather random collection, with some of them overly-aggressive in their spreading power. It’s time to decide who will stay and who will go. Read about choosing well-behaved perennials at

Set boundaries

Define the boundaries between different areas of the garden – lawn and flowerbed, path and vegetable patch, and so on. Boundaries are what give structure and shape to your garden. This is the art of deciding what you want to go where. How exactly to get the best garden design is a massive subject, but if you begin by pushing back the current inhabitants of your garden into clearly-defined areas, it will be much easier for you to begin implementing your own garden design.

Check back soon for more on garden design, and how best to integrate beautiful garden furniture into the overall experience of your garden.

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23rd August 2012
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