Celebrate Bonfire Night - Fireworks in Barnes

Celebrate Bonfire Night - Fireworks in Barnes

Here we are, November has arrived! Halloween is behind us and the air starts to feel Christmassy. Fire lovers get ready, for Guy Fawkes Night is upon us. Can you believe this tradition has been going on for over 400 years now?

If you feel like going out, the sky is the limit! It is hard to choose one fireworks display as there are so many in the London area and everywhere in the country for that matter.

Why not come this Saturday to watch Barnes fireworks display from 5.30pm? Entertainment, food, drinks, live music and obviously fireworks and fun guaranteed! Children, bring you Guy and enter the Make-a-Guy competition. £10 per adult, £25 for a family (2 adults and 2 children), children under 5 go free.

On Friday you can go to Bishop’s Park in Fulham and if you prefer you can go on Saturday to Hammersmith at Ravenscourt Park. Both fireworks will be choreographed to James Bond music. Funfair and food stalls will help make your night one to remember.

If you want to have a great night on a budget, you can find free fireworks displays, some of which ask for a small donation to help cover the cost of organising the event. Among these are Streatham and Brockwell Park on Friday night, Blackheath on Saturday and Brent and Southwark Park on Monday.

If you’re celebrating fireworks at home in your own garden, what’s better than our Dancook firepit or our Kettle barbecue to cook your potatoes in foil, sausages and whatever you feel like barbecuing? Simply relax and enjoy a private Bonfire Night celebration at home. You can also cheer up and light up your house with our lovely lanterns which will delight you with their soothing effect.

November is not exactly traditional barbecue weather in the UK. The temperature is dropping and it is time to get cosy at home in front of a fire, for the lucky ones who have a fireplace. If you don’t have a chimney, why not snuggle in a blanket next to our lovely Firelily Firepit and feel the warmth filling your body? It looks like a fire, captivates you like one while being much safer.

Hopefully the weather will be kind and the rain will give us a break to let us enjoy a great bonfire night and brilliant fireworks for the days to come. Whether you want to treat yourself to a barbecue with friends and family in a park, in your garden or whether you prefer to simply stay at home to watch the many firework displays we are sure will light up the sky until 5th November, we are here with you along the way.

Posted by Iconography Ltd
1st November 2012
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