Shorter days? Turn the (candle) lights on!

Shorter days? Turn the (candle) lights on!

As Christmas draws nearer, so too does the winter solstice, with the shortest day approaching on the 21st December. The days are getting shorter, and you need to turn on the lights at home sooner and sooner. It does allow you to watch the sun rise around 8am which is nice, but if the sun stays hidden behind the clouds you must turn on the lights to banish the gloom even in the middle of the day. Artificial light all day can be a bit depressing, don’t you think?

This is why we have stocked up on candles in store. Not any candle, mind you, but Ester & Erik candles. Candles are great for warming up a room and giving it a cosy feeling, so much more than artificial light, and these candles are even better than normal ones. If you don’t know the brand yet, Ester & Erik is a family firm based in Denmark which produces beautiful, elegant candles using traditional dipping methods. They are coloured and lacquered by hand, resulting in exceptional quality and ensuring perfectly shaped candles, which burn with a clean steady flame. Once the candles have burned down slowly and attractively, they extinguish themselves. We're all for safety!

Ester & Erik candles are perfect for Christmas, available in a large range of colours including red, gold, silver and black, and a range of styles – tapered, block and conical. Come to the Barbed Shop in Barnes, South West London, to browse and buy – unfortunately they’re not available via our online shop, but if you can visit our shop in person we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Ester & Erik candlesFor Christmas our favourite Ester & Erik candles are Tapered and Cone candles in plain, lacquered, Pearl, Gold, Silver and Matt Black colours, and plain Pillar candles. You can also choose the size you prefer, between 12cm and 20cm for the Pillar candles, 22.5cm to 48cm for the Cone candles and finally you can choose between 32cm and 42cm Tapered candles. Whether you are looking for a small candle or a majestic one, just pop into our store or go to your closest retailer and we will provide you with the perfect Ester & Erik candle for you.

We can already imagine our Christmas table all candle-lit, can’t you?

Candles are great for winter and especially for Christmas, but we forgot to ask you, have you found the perfect Christmas tree yet? In Barnes we can offer you Nordman fir trees which are great because they don’t lose their needles much. And if you want to decorate your tree, we have some great colourful light strings.

Posted by Iconography Ltd
10th December 2012
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